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UK Recruitment Company Manpower Forecasts 2013 Rise in Jobs

by Dave

The recruitment company Manpower have announced that they believe the outlook for the first three months of 2013 will be the best for the jobs market since before the financial crisis hit the world economy. According to their figures, 6% of employers across the UK in a range of sectors are looking to take on new staff, despite some economists believing that the negative forecasts for the final quarter of 2012 might scare some organisations off recruiting.

This is excellent news for the UK, with the news likely to see a fall in unemployment and open up new opportunities for people who have, so far, been struggling to find work. It is also an indication that some sectors of the economy are feeling confident that they will continue to grow, and have either been successful enough already that they can bring on new staff, or have managed to get banks to give them loans, something which many people have been complaining is too difficult at the moment.

The managing director of ManpowerGroup UK, Mark Cahill, said: “This time last year we were on the edge of a bleak midwinter, but despite the double-dip recession, 2012 ended up as a period where employers decided to head back tentatively into the jobs market. As we head into the new year, the remarkable resilience of the UK labour market looks set to continue.”

Combining this with the positive outlook that many people are predicting for the first three quarters of 2013, it seems that we may start to see something of a recovery next year. It’s early days, and any growth or rise in the jobs market is bound to be small, plus it can still be thrown off by the global financial situations in Europe, the US and Asia, but these are definitely two pieces of news that are giving people hope for the UK’s GDP.

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