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Minimum Wage Increases by 11p

by Dave

The UK national minimum wage will rise by eleven pence to £6.19. The wage rise won’t help people much though as it’s lower than the rise in the cost of living. The 1.8% rise in minimum income falls short of the 3.6% average rise in the cost of living according to the Consumer Price Index.

The minimum wage increase for workers over the age of 20 is slightly higher than the average increase in earnings which increased by an average of 1.4% up until January 2012.

Workers under the age of 21 are not so lucky, their minimum wage remains unchanged, which been heavily criticised by union leaders.

Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary said that the minimum wage should have kept pace with inflation. He said “It is wrong to deny young people an increase this year, as there is no evidence that the minimum wage has had an adverse impact on jobs.”

“The reason why firms have not been hiring enough new workers is because they lack confidence in this government’s ability to set the UK on course for a sound economic recovery. There is now a real danger that young people will view minimum wage work as exploitative.”

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