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5 Ways to Earn Some Extra Money

by Dave

There is nothing worse than running out of money before your payday has arrived. More and more people are looking to supplement their income, especially with the current financial climate. Here are some things that you could do to earn a little extra money so that you are less likely to need to rely on short term loans or credit cards any more.

Selling your old items

A good place that many people start when looking to boost their income is to sell their old items. Good ways to sell your stuff include at car boot sales, via your local newspaper free ads and even by putting notices in shop windows. Some things are more suited to selling on auction sites such as eBay where there is more exposure to your items. This can often mean that you can get a better price for the things you are selling. It is worth remembering that you have to pay commission to eBay for the privilege though.

Parking spaces and driveways

If you live in a city or town centre parking can often be a prime commodity. If you have an unused driveway or parking space a good way of earning extra money for yourself can be to rent this out. It is worth finding out the price of permits that local workers are paying and trying to undercut that cost slightly. If you are closer to a lot of workplaces than the local parking areas you might even be able to charge more!

Commission based selling

There are several ways to earn commission by selling products. Some of these include Betterware, Avon and Anne Summers. Anne Summers parties are a great way to earn extra cash if you are a woman while having a giggle with the girls! You need to be careful to select a company that doesn’t require you to buy stock to sell.

Write content for cash

If you like writing a great way of earning extra money is by writing content for websites such as Textbroker. There are lots of these websites that you can join. People list their requirements and if it is something that you can write about you can take it on and get paid if your content is accepted. Some companies even pay for translations if you can speak more than one language fluently. If you are really serious about writing you could also try your hand at blogging.

Take photos

Yes, you can even make money taking photos! There are a wealth of image libraries on the internet that accept photos to sell as part of their image library. Stock photography is not a quick way of raising money but it can be a good way of sourcing regular cash over a long period of time, as your photos can sell time and time again. Images are needed for a huge amount of things such as websites, magazines and books that span a vast range of topics. Here is a basic guide to stock photography to give you an idea of what is involved.

Hopefully these tips will  help you to prevent or at least postpone the need for emergency credit!


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