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Save money on your home insurance

by Dave

We all do our best to save money on essentials, and one that is often overlooked for years on end is the cost of home insurance. It’s one of those things that you rarely think about, unless you’re unfortunate enough to need to put in a claim following some kind of damage or theft from your home.

So, when the renewal letter arrives, for the most part, we just file it away and the premium keeps coming out of our bank account. However, if you actually take time to look at the renewal information, you’re most likely to find that the premiums have gone up during the last year. They may not have changed by very much, but if you can spend a little time shopping around for a better quote, you may be able to make considerable savings.

When you’re getting a set of house insurance quotes from different companies, it’s important to make sure that you ask for the same level of cover each time. You should also make sure you know what optional extras have been included in the quote, otherwise you may not be getting exactly comparable quotes.

Things to look out for include home emergency cover and accidental damage cover. Both these options may be useful, but they will increase the price of your premiums. The other one that will push up premiums is personal possessions cover. This means that your contents are covered while away from the home and is useful for insuring items like your mobile phone, camera and laptop. However, you should decide whether the risk is worth the extra cost involved.

There are ways and means to reduce the cost of your home insurance and it’s mainly about going through different quotes with a fine toothcomb. If you get a cheaper quote elsewhere, you should go back to your current insurer and see if they are willing to match the lowest price rather than lose you as a customer. If they won’t, you can just switch to the cheaper provider.

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