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Making the Most of Cyber Monday

by Dave

We all know the drill, especially after Black Friday so Cyber Monday should be no real surprise. Here are a few short tips to make the best of the money savings that you can:

The first way is to not buy anything. Do not buy anything!? How is this money saving? It is simple really if you do not really need it – do not buy it. It is all too easy to get suckered into the “I must buy this because it’s so cheap” mentality. I know I am a sucker for it at times.

The second way to save some money is to make sure that you compare prices before you buy. While all the stores will have you believe that their products are the cheapest on the planet, they may be cheaper elsewhere. I saw on Twitter the other day that ASOS and some other companies were cheeky and put up their prices on some items so that the end price after discounts on Black Friday was the same as or really close to the previous price! If you are shopping in store, make sure you check online to see if the prices are cheaper. Some companies like Game for example are franchised, so the prices online are different to those in store. It can even make your shopping bags lighter and room for more bargains!

The third way to save money on Cyber Monday and every other day come to that is to make use of cashback sites. You will be surprised at how much money you can get back from your purchases from websites such as Quidco and Topcashback. There are several sites out there. Make sure that you do not clear your cookies between visiting the websites and making your purchases and that your web browser allows tracking and that cookies are enabled, otherwise you may miss out. You can test your tracking on the top cashback website here.

Myself I have opted for option one, only because I now must go to work. Enjoy Cyber Monday and remember – there are plenty more bargains to come closer to Christmas!


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