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Is it Smart to Install a Water Meter?

by Dave

Getting a water meter installed is touted as being a fantastic way to save money in your household. The question is though is it a smart choice to get one installed? The theory is that you only pay for the water that you use in your property, so for most people the bill should be lower. However, this is not always the case and once you have a water meter installed, there is no way to get it removed.

Who would be better off?

There is no doubt that for some people the installation of a water meter could be beneficial and save you a lot of money. Especially if you are a smaller household, such as a single person or a couple. This is because their water usage is likely to be equal or lower than the average usage in their area. Reducing your water bill could be simple, although if you own your own home and are planning on starting a family, you may want to think twice!

Who would be worse off?

Large families and households are most likely to be worse off if they install a water meter. The water demands on a larger household are much larger, and soon accumulate. Simple things like more laundry to do, and even an exponentially higher amount of toiler flushes will soon see the water usage begin to creep up.

Can you do anything to reduce the bill?

If you have moved into a property that already has a water meter fitted, unfortunately you are stuck with it. If you want to try to reduce your costs because you have a water meter, or are just thinking of the planet, here are some ways that you can reduce your water bill.

  • Wash your car with buckets not a hose
    This uses much less water. Washing a car with a hose or jet-wash uses a lot of water in comparison.
  • Take showers instead of baths
    Using a shower uses just a 3rd of the water it takes to run a bath!
  • Install a water butt to capture rainwater for watering plants.
  • Place a small block in your toilet cistern
    This reduces the volume available for water so less is uses each fill.
  • Install a modern flushing system that uses less water
    Modern flushes have dual levels so that you can short flush if you have just been for a wee.
  • Flush your toilet less
    This will not appeal to everyone, but if you have only been for a wee, you could not flush your toilet every other time or similar.
  • Do not leave the tap running when you brush your teeth
    2 – 3 minutes of brushing your teeth equals a lot of water running down the drain needlessly!
  • Make sure there are no leaks anywhere
    This is self-explanatory, but you are responsible for water usage on your side of the meter, whether it is from a tap or a leak. If you have a small leak, the water loss could cost you hundreds of pounds.

Is getting a water meter a smart choice? Only you will know, but if you have a large household you should really think carefully before making the leap.


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