Money, money, money. A lot of us bemoan what a strange and awful thing it is that we allow our lives to be dominated by these weird shiny chunks of metal and sheets of paper – it seems at times absurd that the stuff actually equates to anything of tangible worth. As a matter of fact, more often than not we’re right to value the actual material possessions money is used to buy more highly than the money itself. In an economy seemingly trapped in a spiral of inflation, the value of that money you’re keeping under the bed for a rainy day is becoming less and less by the day. We’d urge you to consider investing it in something, which is instead becoming more valuable all the time.

It’s difficult to decide how exactly we should invest our hard earned cash to ensure not necessarily the best, but crucially the most secure return on our investments. Having said that, there are a few ways to invest which tend to yield fruitful results for most speculators. Firstly, make sure your finances are healthy – if you’re in the red you need to look into measures such as a debt consolidation loan before you attempt to build up some capital and scout out investment opportunities from a solid footing. Now, here are a few fields in which to make those definitive first investments.

Art & antiques – We’ve all seen the Antiques Road Show success stories and heard tales of stratospheric returns on pocket change charity shop buys. These things really can happen and they make for great TV, but they are undoubtedly the exception as opposed to the rule. If you really know your stuff then by all means raid the car boot sales and second hand shops for rarities of all kinds – from porcelain dolls to vinyl records, but for the everyman investor, the smart money is now on items such as contemporary art pieces and jewelry, at a mid-range price. Look to reputable white cube galleries for inspiration and bear in mind that contemporary British art is currently all the rage in China, so look east to make a tidy profit.

Property – For a more significant investment, property remains a strong option. Many properties can prove to be an unaffordable addition to the cost of your own home, but there are always cheaper options to be found. Try holiday chalets in booming holiday destinations in the UK and overseas.

Shares – Playing the stock markets can be a risky business which should be pursued with caution. Having said that, there are a number of courses and guides to the process available nationwide, and an equally abundant number of private individuals and consultancy companies willing to help you make the best investment possible for a fee.

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