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How can the Internet be used to Save Money?

by Dave

The internet has revolutionised the way we live and indeed the way we work, there’s no escaping the fact that without it, we’d struggle to get by. We network, communicate, shop, compare and get information online daily, but one thing we are using the internet to do more and more is saving money.

With the UKs economy experiencing some rocky times of late, everyone is looking for ways to save money, below we’ve documented ways in which you could save yourself hundreds simply by using the World Wide Web:


When people think of online shopping, things that immediately spring to mind are; online auctions such as eBay and large e-commerce websites like Amazon. To save large amounts of money you need to dig a little deeper, here are some other handy online money saving stores:

Quidco – This is a cashback website whereby you search for items on the website, Quidco then refer you to a retailer, the retailer then pays Quidco a commission on the item you have just bought, which is then paid straight into your bank account. There are several other websites like this however Quidco is arguably the largest of its kind.

Fat Fingers – Take advantage of eBay typos! Fat Fingers finds items that that have been listed with errors in the title, these items will be almost unfindable via a regular search therefore it is likely that they will go for cheap prices.

Kelkoo – One of many sites that are described as ‘shopping search engines’, Kelkoo allows you to compare the prices of items from 1000s of retailers. To give yourself the best chance of saving large amounts of money compare the prices using several shopping search engines such as SaveBuckets and PriceRunner.


Whether you are eating in or out, there are now loads of ways to save money on your bill, try using this next time you are food shopping or looking to book a table at a restaurant:

VoucherCloud – Available on smart phones in the form of an app and online, Voucher Cloud has a constant flow of deals from restaurants, bars, and casual dining in your region. Simply use the codes for money off

MySupermarket – Allows you to compare the price of single items or even your full supermarket shop from to find the cheapest option.

Swap Sites

There is now several websites that allows you to swap your unwanted items with other people’s unwanted items:

ReadItSwapIt – List old books that you have previously read then search and swap them with other people’s unwanted reads.

SwapMyTicket – Swap tickets for sports event, gigs, festivals, or travel passes with others in the same boat as yourself.

FreeCycle – A modern take on the old-fashioned car boot sale; get rid of your old junk and then pick up a bargain in your area!

These are just a few of the ways you can save money online. As the internet grows, we will see more and more websites just like the ones listed, as consumers it is our job to take advantage of these sites and find ourselves a bargain!


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