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Essential Tips on Buying a Used Car

by Dave

Used vehicles can be great bargains, and often they are almost as good as new. When purchasing a used car, for many potential buyers, the first step is to find a local dealer to buy from. When you visit the dealership to select and purchase a used car, here are three key factors to bear in mind.

Seeking a good insurance deal?

If you want to pay the minimum amount on your car insurance, it is wise to purchase the smallest vehicle that meets your needs. Studies have shown that smaller cars will almost always bag you a cheaper deal on your car insurance. Of course, there are other factors in play when it comes to the amount of money that you are charged by an insurer. These other factors include the length of time that you have been driving, and whether you have been involved in any accidents.

Looking for a car that will not cost too much to operate? opt for a small, manual, petrol engine.

As a rule, the smaller the engine of your vehicle, the cheaper it is to run. A one litre engine is substantially cheaper to operate than a two-litre engine, for example. opt for a petrol engine and you can save even more money. This is because diesel cars have long been the more demanded type of vehicle due to their higher miles per gallon; And, if you have a manual drivers’ licence and thus are able to choose between buying a manual and an automatic vehicle, it is a good idea to opt for the manual model if you want to save money. Automatic cars tend to be costlier all round, not least because they use on average 10% more fuel than manual cars in addition, make sure to acquire data about the levels of CO2 emissions for the vehicle you are thinking of buying. Once the emissions pass a certain threshold, you will be liable to be taxed for them.

Take a reliable friend or other loved one with you.

Car dealers are famed for their sales pitch, and with good reason. Part of their job is to convince you to buy a vehicle for what appears like a good deal to you, whilst also making the dealer as much money as possible. Few of us are totally impervious to sales pitch, so taking an impartial friend with you is a good way to balance things out. Remember: you do not need to close the deal on the same day that you view the vehicle, even if (perhaps especially if) the salesperson is pressing you to do so. Take some time out, cool down, and think things over for a day or two.

Good luck finding the car of your dreams.

Find a local dealer and enjoy your new car! You can find some wonderful hidden gems in used car showrooms, including nearly new vehicle models for drastically reduced prices.


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